Alamo is one of the most popular names in America when it comes to car rentals. Alamo car rentals are available in major cities across the United States, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and many parts of Asia. They are known for their wide-ranging car model rentals. It is also the official car rental partner of Disneyland theme parks.

Check out the review below to know whether Alamo is a good choice for your next trip.

Booking and Reservation

Alamo offers several avenues to rent and reserve cars for your trip. Aside from going directly to any of their countless local offices/kiosks, Alamo reservations can also be done via Costco or through the company’s website. Reservations can also be done via countless booking websites.

Booking through Alamo’s website seems to be the most convenient of all options as you can get everything done more quickly than elsewhere. It is also cheaper to get a car through online booking than going through a third party company – in-house online booking gives clients better chances at availing many of their deals and discounts.

Online booking also makes it easier for web check-in. Like airline web check-ins, Alamo’s allows you to skip the usual long-lines at their kiosks and head straight to the counter to get your car. It saves you a lot of time and from the frustration that comes with it.


Because the car model options are pretty wide-ranging, the rental fees also vary. It can, however, get a little more expensive with some add-ons and little details. Make sure to read the fine print and to not leave the office with your rental car without clarifying the details listed on the receipt. This is easier to resolve than to wait to resolve it upon returning the car.

Deals and Discounts

Alamo offers many different deals and discounts on a regular basis. Their free membership system called the Alamo Insiders offers up discounts of up to 5% off their lower rate specials.
Clients who opt to pay in full during reservation can avail of full-payment discounts. Other deals include ‘Last Minute Specials’ as well as featured deals that could range from discounts to free upgrades as well as other free items. Being the official partners of Disneyland, these cars are occasionally offer packages to interested Disneyland travelers.

Via their website, Alamo does seem like it offers quite a lot of discounts and deals. However, the discounts seemingly pale in comparison with the sales pitching from agents at the pickup counters.

Car Rentals

Alamo, being the largest car rental company in North America, offers the widest range of car options. The company practically has everything from small cars to sedans as well as vans. Perhaps the only thing missing in their lineup are big trucks and carpooling options.

Picking up these cars are generally quick save for long lines but there have been a few complaints regarding the quality of vehicles. However, the same cannot be said about the quality of customer service. While the sales pitches are en pointe and consistent, and managers are usually quick to address issues in the office, there have been notable complaints about promptness in response for car breakdowns, towing, and replacements.


In general, renting an Alamo car is convenient and beneficial due to the company’s wide range of choices. They are also easily available in more areas in the United States and their major locations.  The agents and the staff can get quite insistent on upgrades and their sales pitches but this is totally understandable. In fact, it can happen to any client regardless of the company. To avoid falling prey into unnecessary upgrades and add-ons, know what you want and need. Read the fine print and go in and out as quickly as you could.

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