No matter how plain and basic a holiday camping is, it can still get expensive. Not to mention, it can get a little too inconvenient, uncomfortable, and at times frustrating especially with kids in tow. It is important to find the perfect balance of cost-efficiency and convenience for everybody.

One popular cheap option is camping rentals It is a popular choice in Europe specifically Iceland, as well as safari camps in Africa. Their car hires are already equipped with camping equipment, most of which are already equipped into the car itself.

Popular choices for camping rentals are SUVs and 4×4’s but there are also sedans for hire. Many of these car hire companies today are fully equipped not just with usual tents, cooking materials, and sleeping implements. They are now equipped with communication gears (GPS, WiFi, 3G) to keep you connected even while camping.

Are camping cars for you? Or are you better off with caravans for rent? Check out as we weigh in the pros and cons of camping cars:


  • They are cheaper. Unless you’re a frequent camper, you would feel bad about having to purchase a complete set of tents and other things that you’re not likely to use again. You won’t have to check in all the extra baggage of your camping stuff if you’re flying in. You don’t have to buy every camping item brand new. You just have to pay for the car and go to your campground and that’s it!
  • They are convenient. You can easily just travel lightly. You come and go as you were no heavy bags to worry about or carry around for the rest of your trip.
  • They are better equipped for your campground terrain and needs. One of the most frustrating things to happen when you go camping is not having the right items. Renting a car that comes complete with the basic necessities fitted for your destination is so much more convenient. After all, local campers know the area better than anyone else so they can help equip you better.
  • They are easier to drive. You won’t have to worry about adjusting to the weight, bulk, and challenges of driving much larger vehicles like RV’s. You don’t have to worry about the weight proportions and driving hazards of towing a caravan. You’re just driving cars fully equipped to drive on your local terrain.



  • They are not as spacious. If you’re looking for all that extra space, you’re better off getting an RV or a caravan.
  • You will never be too sure of the quality of camping items that you’ll end up renting. As with any other things that you rent, you can never be too sure about its quality or its cleanliness. If you are the iffy type, you have to be extra cautious and inspect your rented items more meticulously.
  • Extra convenience comes at an extra cost. Camping cars come with basic implements; any other form of convenience or extra space is sure to come with additional cost.

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