Going camping? When you’re headed on an outdoors adventure, cars are definitely not your best choice. You can only hold so much in a car and you’d need more space when you get to the camping ground. This is especially true when you’re taking the kids or a group of friends and you need more convenience than the usual tent camping.

In America, the usual solution for these needs is an RV trailer. In Europe, however, the popular choice is Caravan Rental. Caravans vary greatly on the size and style but the concept is the same: tow your camping site around. Aside from the bulky full caravans, there are also canopy caravans. Canopies are smaller and more compact, basically still needs to be towed but sans the weight of the metal walls and roof. The canopy, instead, has a collapsible ‘canopy’ that you can set up more easily.

Do you want to experience hiring these cars? It may or may not be good for you; check out the pros and cons of renting a caravan to see if it suits your next vacation needs.


  • It is more comfortable at camping than just pitching out the usual tents. The bigger ones are especially comfortable, but the smaller ones are convenient enough. Compared to having to sleep in tents, the caravans are definitely more luxurious.
  • You don’t need to drive a big truck. Depending on the size of your caravan rental, a minivan is good enough to tow one. All you need is the right proportion of the towing vehicle, the caravan size, and the towing cable to make sure that your driving with proper balance.
  • You can go in and out of the camping area without having to bring your entire household, so to speak. A quick trip to the markets or to town won’t be too bulky. You can just easily unhook your caravan, secure it at the campsite, and drive away with your car. Compared to driving a full-sized RV, parking would definitely be a whole lot easier.
  • It is relatively cheaper than RV rentals. If you rent a caravan in smaller sizes, or go for a canopy, you won’t have to worry so much about the gas costs of a large truck. You only pay for the gas of your own towing vehicle and not for the gas of a much larger engine as with an RV.


  • It is difficult to drive. It’s not any easier to drive a car like this. Though it does not have the height of an RV, towing a heavy vehicle which you have little control.

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