Dollar is one of the most popular car rental brands in America. They have offices in every state in the country except West Virginia and are available in many destinations abroad. Car rental dollar services are in partnership with travel booking website, Expedia. They carry a wide range of car models and provide several different business services to suit your need.

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Booking and Reservation

Because of its partnership with Expedia, users of the known travel booking site can more conveniently hire cars. You can opt for car rental services to go with your Expedia booking, for as long as there is a car available in the destination of choice.

Dollar also offers in-house booking service through its website. There are options on pick up and return dates as well as a drop-down menu for car choices. They also have a page to show available car types in their US offices, but the feature does not show car choices for their international destinations.

Unlike its other competitors, there seems to be no indication of a web check-in feature in Dollar’s website except for the one that’s exclusive to its membership rewards program Dollar Express.


Many reviews and actual users have rated dollar rental car as one that gives you your money’s worth. You can’t expect a high quality, newer car unit with cheaper fees. There have been complaints on the quality of cars in the lower price bracket but in general, it’s nothing unexpected. The quality of their cars is parallel to the prices they’re offered at – sugarcoating, no over-marketing, and no raising unrealistic expectations. If there’s anything that a client can complain about, it’s more on the customer care part of the service and not on the cars themselves.

Deals and Discounts

Just like their competitors, deals and discounts seem to be widely available at Dollar. One of the most prominent are the deals associated with their all-inclusive Dollar Express membership privilege. The membership is ideal for frequent customers, although it shouldn’t hurt anybody because the membership is absolutely free.

Another popular feature at Dollar is their Lock Low and Go promo. The promo promises that just by booking ahead of time, you get the chance to get a compact car or be upgraded to a more expensive and larger vehicle. However, availing of this program does not give you the right to choose your specific car since availability of car models depend on store locations.

Dollar rental car services also come with ‘locational’ discounts.

Car Rentals

These car services have wider choices compared to most of its local competitors. Aside from the usual cars, Dollar also offers options on long-term rentals and company rentals.

They haven’t, however, go quite the range in selection that their competitors have. Nevertheless, the options are still plenty. It may just be best to shell out a little more cash for better quality cars.


Dollar has strong potential to beat out all of its competitors, especially that they have gained partnership with travel giant Expedia. What causes their customers to turn away from their business is lack of good customer service.

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