Easirent is a locally-based car rental company based in Bootle, a town in the North West region of England. They started operations in 1975. The company used to focus on construction and rail van rentals before the recession forced them to switch businesses. Today, their fleet includes over 1000 cars and less than 100 vans for rent.

UK Airport car hire - save money now with Easirent.com

Easirent does not offer rentals elsewhere outside of the UK or outside of Europe. However they do allow driving from the UK to other European destinations but with certain restrictions. They have car rental branches all over the UK with their prime focus being on airport pickups. Easirent offers rentals in major airport locations in the UK, including the following airports:

  • Heathrow
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
  • Aberdeen

They also have non-airport locations at London Kings Cross, Preston, Blackburn, Wigan, Glasgow, and at their headquarters in Bootle.

Aside from airport pickup, Easirent has recently started offering its customers the option to have their rental car delivered directly to the hotel.

Easirent may not be the biggest car rental company in the UK but they do have a wide range of options as far as car types and models are concerned. Popular choices include the following:

  • 5-Door Mid-range cars (AT/MT)
  • 5-Door Large cars (AT/MT)
  • Seven-seaters
  • Eight-seaters

Their car rentals come with unlimited mileage under certain terms and conditions, however van rentals have a mileage limit.

Booking a rental at Easirent can be made via their website, the phone, or through their app that can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store. Interested customers may also book their car rental through third party booking agents like www.rentalcars.com.

Easirent has placed restrictions on driver’s age and driving experience. For one, they do not rent out to drivers below 23 years old and people over 75 years old. Also, drivers below the age of 25 have to pay substantially higher fees than other drivers. Easirent is also strict on driving experience. Anyone who has had their license for less than two years is not allowed to rent a car or drive.

They are, however, more relaxed on allowing multiple drivers per rental. Their website does not indicate any additional payment requirements for the extra drivers, although all drivers have to pass the same driver requirements as the main driver.

Payment is limited to major credit cards and Paypal. Deposits range from £100 to £500 for regular rentals except for customers who purchased Excess Protection Packages.

Easi-rent has received mixed reviews. The company has had particularly low ratings for lack of transparency on the costs of their service especially where delays, additional days, cancellation, coverage, and fuel charges.

But the most common complaint lobbied against Easirent across various review sites is the difficulty in finding their airport locations. As one customer shared, they had to walk all the way outside of Luton airport with their heavy luggage while searching for the Easirent shuttle to take them to the parking area. They had to flag down the shuttle and ended up being yelled at by the driver for not waiting in the agreed location.

It should be noted, however, that Easirent fared well in the car upkeep department. Their cars are clean and well-maintained. They also fared well with reviews on their staff. Though there are a couple of complaints, many still earned praises for being knowledgeable and more importantly for going the extra mile. Several customers have shared their experience of being driven to the airport by the staff to help them avoid missing their flights.

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