Primarily a car rental company, Enterprise Rent a Car is also a commercial fleet management company, a used car vendor as well as a commercial truck rental operator. It is headquartered in St. Louis Missouri and was founded by an entrepreneur named Jack C. Taylor in 1957.

Compared to other rental companies, the company is relatively newer but has been establishing its place in terms of market share. Today, Enterprise Rent A Car is by far the largest car rental company in the US. Its airport locations reach up to 419 with more than 5400 other locations. Enterprise Rent A Car started out as a replacement car rental company. This means that the company caters to consumers who have the sudden need for a replacement car due to an accident, theft as well as special occasion needs. The target market was thus primarily households and families. Enterprise Rental’s customer service is one of the most praised in the United States. It has been awarded by J.D. Power and Associates seven times to be the top car rental company in terms of customer satisfaction. This was back in 2005. After two years, in 2007, it was listed in Business Week’s top 25 companies with the best customer service. It ranked ninth on this list.

Enterprise Rental is known for its car sharing services, which started in 2008. Aside from their primary business focus of car replacement, the company also offers airport services and is quite well known for it.

With praises for its customer service and its listing in some national surveys, we went ahead and looked for actual survey data for Enterprise Rental. The general comment is that waiting times are very minimal at their depots. Almost every time you book a car online, the company has it ready for you at the branch of your choice when you come in. Again, there have been some problems in terms of car availability but nothing a little planning ahead cannot fix.

The customer hotline is also very responsive and gives clients the sense of urgency they deserve when encountering a problem with their booking. This is the good customer service they are proud of. Clients are also very happy in terms of the types of rental they offer. Their fleet ranges from luxury cars to luxury trucks to fuel-efficient cars making it a company where there is something for everybody. Most reviews also like the fact that their website is very efficient and easy to use, easy on the eyes and intuitive.

Nicky in 2015 wrote a review on ReviewCentre.com regarding enterprise. He described the service to have gone Above and Beyond what was expected. The car was right on time when he landed and the check out was a breeze.

The company is relatively young in the market. It already has a foreign presence and remains one of the largest in the US but offers a smaller range of services that the older US car rental companies. They are climbing their way to increase their services and coupled with good customer service, their loyal customers should be there to stay.

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