Hoppa is the revamp of the former Resort Hoppa. The company started operations in 2004 as Resort Hoppa before switching to its new name and new website in 2014. Hoppa has headquarters in Surrey in the United Kingdom.

Hoppa’s services are centered on airport pickups and transfers although they also offer private vehicle rental options. Their services are available in 120 countries around the globe across six continents, and in over 700 airports. Their most popular destinations are the south of Spain and Portugal.

The company promises a smooth one-way booking through their website (www.hoppa.com) and they are available for booking 24/7 all year round. They brag of a whole range of vehicle options for airport transfers:

  • Coaches
  • Minibuses
  • Water taxis
  • Shuttles

However, because these airport transfers are shared rides, guests don’t get to decide on the vehicle. The local company sends the vehicle that can best accommodate the number of guests arriving at a particular time. The route of these transfers is also rather limited. Guests staying at private villas do not have the option to be dropped off/picked up at their rented place. Instead, they would have to be dropped off and picked up at a nearby hotel/area that’s along the decided route of the shuttle.

Guests that don’t wish to share their airport ride can opt for private rental instead. These rides have more freedom in choosing the vehicle type (limousines and cars are part of the choices) and the destinations. It is also important to note that people with disabilities, especially those who use electric wheelchairs and scooters, may have to book a private rental should they wish to rent a car with Hoppa. Hoppa does not offer any guarantees on disabled access for their shuttles. Their airport transfer shuttles are also unable to accommodate electronic scooters and chairs, only foldable ones.

Payments are made in full during booking; options include Paypal and major credit cards.

While Hoppa seems to offer a seamless airport transfer service, they are not faring particularly well among online reviewers. At best, their ratings across different review sites are average.

One of the most common complaints is on delays. There can be delays leaving the airport as the drivers have to wait for all the expected passengers in shared transport and this despite having a 45-minute guarantee. Some customers who have shared rides have had to wait almost two hours at the airport for their transfer.

Another common complaint is the quality of the shuttles. Despite the promise of the company providing high quality, well-maintained and clean shuttles/coaches/buses, a lot of reviewers shared accounts of how poorly maintained their pickup vehicles were. One reviewer, in particular, described his pickup coach as “one accident away from the scrap yard”.

It should be noted, however, that most of the problems are on the local partners’ end and not with Hoppa itself. Booking and payment are fairly agreeable and easygoing. The company should be able to resolve many of its customer complaints if they can do a better job of picking higher quality local partners at their travel destinations so as not to get their name dragged through the mud by the incompetence of their partners.

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