Returning your rental

When the time comes to return the vehicle, it can sometimes be a nerve-wracking time, even more so if you have actually damaged the vehicle. Even if you haven’t, that might not preclude you from any charges.

If you had followed our instructions and checked the vehicle when you collected it, you should generally be okay. However, if there is damage that had not been flagged at collection, then there is a very good chance it is going to get flagged now and guess who’s going to be paying for it?

Some larger rental companies may offer you the chance to simply post your keys into a box and then you can be speedily off on your merry way. Our advice is don’t! Do not use the key delivery box. Always ensure that you find an attendant and see that he/she goes over the vehicle with you before you leave and that you can agree on any damage that may be on the vehicle. If you are dropping your car off at an airport, then it may be a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to ensure that you can find someone as they can be horrendously understaffed, primarily to keep wages down, ie the UK.

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