Going on a long drive? A cramped car with a big group of family and friends can take away a LOT of the excitement of a road trip. RV Rentals present a good option for when renting cars just would not do. They offer all the extra space and convenience on the road, with all the necessary implements of home right inside it. They also eliminate the need for hotels, motels, and the frequent calls of nature can be answered without having to look for bushy hideouts or creepy gas stations.

But is renting an RV really the option for you? Do all the benefits that come with renting an RV outshine and justify all the disadvantages that come with it?
Let’s take a closer look at why it’s good and why it’s not:

Benefits of RV Rental:

  • It is more convenient. With a big group and a long trip ahead, not having to stop for bathroom breaks, food breaks, and sleeping breaks makes the trip shorter. Plus you’d have everything inside whenever and wherever.
  • It is spacious and cozy.There’s definitely a lot of room to stretch and lie around. You would not have to worry about getting the luggage to fit, or using seating space to accommodate your luggage. You’d have enough room for everyone on board, including your pets.
  • It saves you from having to arrange hotels ahead of time. Compared to just driving with a car, RV cars allow you more room to enjoy and less about having to worry about getting to your destination on time. When you don’t have a hotel booking time to catch, you can freely wander here and there and enjoy the rest of the road.
  • You are more likely to save on the costs of food. Food is one of the biggest expenses to hurdle on any trip. Eating at diners and restaurants would definitely cost you more than just cooking in, and your rent RVS makes that possible.

Disadvantages of Renting RV’s

  • Parking and driving in general can be challenging. This is especially true if you get RV’s over standard size (24’). Driving it can be heavy, maneuvering like taking U-turns is challenging, and definitely anything that is beyond 24’ in size will not fit in most overhangs and parking spaces. This means you’d have to leave the car in the trailer park and walk/commute for shopping or going to the city.
  • RV’s are expensive. Renting an RV is definitely more expensive than getting a car or even a camping car. It takes a heavy toll on the gas so you’d spend more on fuel than you would, and trailer park or camping ground parking has fees as well. So even if you do save up on the costs of food, you’d have to pay more for other things.
  • Cleaning up the RV’s bathroom can get nasty.Not everyone gets excited about having to drain the restroom tank (or black tank) of an RV. The worst part is, many RVs have a toilet stench that just won’t go away because of poor maintenance and all the other users ahead of you. Before you get into the office, make sure it does not smell like a year’s worth of toilet waste and make sure to stock up on bathroom cleaning materials. This should come in handy along the way.


  • RVs are a good option for larger groups especially families with children. They are also convenient only for those whose trip destinations are outdoors. Heading to a busy metropolis in an RV may be convenient on the road but definitely a hassle when you get to the city.

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