Sixt Car Rental

A Premium Car Rental Company

Sixt Rent a Car has been around since 1912 and has now expanded to around 105 countries and spanning around 4000 locations. The company was founded in downtown Munich by Martin SixtAutofahrten and started out with just three cars in operation. It has since then expanded to rent out 200,000 vehicles worldwide. 50,000of these cars are luxury cars suited for those who are in need of a more exciting and exotic ride.

Sixt Rent a Car has expanded heavilysince 1912. It now has operations in Asia, Israel, Australia, United States, Croatia, UnitedKingdom and of course Germany. One of its biggest expansions was in 2011 when the company started operating in the US. From Arizona to Washington, Sixt Rent a Car is now fully operational in a total of sixteen states with some fifty locations to choose from all over the country.

With such an impressive expansion history, the company still managed to stay true to its roots as it still operates under the third generation of the original Sixt Car Rental Family name.

In terms of market share, Sixt car rental showcases the highest percentage of available premium cars. It also provides it customers with car leasing options independent from manufacturers or the banks. It has in its history underwritten around 123,000 leasing contracts globally. Sixt car rental also provides its clientele with premium limousine services, truck rentals in the United States and other mobility options like carpooling, car sharing and car brokering making it not just a car rental company, but also more of a mobility provider.

Sixt car rental has innovated their services to allow its customers to get a car within thirty seconds, which clients absolutely adore. In about ten car rental reviews, Sixt has been rated five out of five. Michael from the US says that Sixt has been the best car rental service he has experienced in his own country. In 2015, Jeff rented a car and said this: “Best pricing I found for a luxury car. Fast and easy booking. All around great experience.”

A destination expert for Israel from Trip Advisor said that the company is very reputable in Europe and is especially popular in Israel, which is why it is very commonly used. Benny on Yelp said that he used to hate car rental services until he tried out Sixt. He said that they were not pushy about their in-house insurance and respected the fact that they would take their insurance with another company. What he loves the most though is the airport shuttle service, which brings customers from the airport to the depot. It was a definite plus for this customer. Reviews regarding the good prices have been consistent. Raves about the fast and easy car bookings have been popular reviews as well. The rented cars being well-maintained is a common theme as well.

The company provides a wide range of services but still manages to stay true to its core value of providing its customers with quality cars for rent. This may just be the reason why Sixt has been around for more than a century and is still quite popular today.

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