Looking to rent a car in the UK anytime soon? Don’t get into the adventure uninformed! The last thing you want is get in trouble over car rental UK woes.

The good news is, you can book your desired cars with any of the US-based international car booking companies and websites. The other news is, there are many differences and rules to know and learn just to ensure a smooth, swift ride.

We have some helpful facts and tips that should prepare you for both your trip adventure as well as for the rest of your journey in the United Kingdom! Read to know more:

  • Payments are always lesser on non-peak months, and booking ahead will likely give you lower rates. Ask the staffs if they also offer discounts on full payments upon reservation. It is a wise idea to pay with your credit card; any discrepancies are easier to follow up on when everything is recorded and on paper through your credit card provider.
  • Age and License of Driver. In the UK, drivers aged at least 25 can drive all types of cars including full size cars, vans, and mini-MPV’s. Meanwhile, larger cars like 4x4s, full size MPV’s as well as premiums are exclusive only to drivers at least 30 years of age. All renters have to produce their valid driver’s licenses. International drivers, though, have to show their passport with their driver’s license. Meanwhile, drivers whose licenses are from non-EU countries and are not in English, must show their international driving licenses to be allowed to drive.
  • Additional Driver. Each authorized driver for a car rental will have to produce their respective licenses and pay additional payment (GBP 10) per driver.
  • Read the fine print on arrival/pick-up dates, return dates, delays, etc. If you’re coming in from a long flight, always anticipate a delay especially where there are several layovers in between. Prior to confirming of booking, you may want to check with customer service or read the fine print on what they do with dates and deadlines.
  • Make sure you understand company policies regarding cancellation. This is utterly important if you don’t want to be stuck in a foreign country losing hundreds maybe thousands in cash over cancellation disputes. Read the fine print at all times. Ask when you can.
  • Learn the local traffic rules prior to flying in. This is especially true if you’re coming in from a country that drives on the opposite side of the road. It can get pretty perplexing for a newbie and there might be rules that are entirely different from yours. To avoid penalties and troubles, take time to read up your travel guides or ask your car rental company.
  • Check your car before departing. The last thing you need is have a car breakdown that you would have completely avoided had you checked the car thoroughly before embarking. There have been numerous complaints about rental cars being low quality and poorly maintained and you want to avoid getting in those kinds of cars as much as possible. So check the vehicle while the agents and manager are still close by.

And lastly, in picking your UK car rental company, don’t forget to check reviews and comparisons online like! This will ensure secure and informed choices that will make your journey stress- and hassle-free!

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