Looking for reliable and hassle free car rental USA experience? A little bit of research would be key! Whether it’s your first time to try to these cars or you are traveling to the US for the first time, getting some basic knowledge about how things go would not hurt anyone.

In fact, getting a little sneak peek and some valuable tips on how car rentals work in the States would be very helpful in avoiding troubles, delays, and unnecessary costs.

So before you head on ahead and sign your booking, here are some tips and FYI-facts to know about USA car rental:

  • Know the rules. More specifically, this pertains to rules on driver’s license and age allowed to drive. Your country of origin may have different set rules on who can and can’t drive, or your license may be in a language other than English. These discrepancies could cause unnecessary trouble during your trip. Some states have varying rules, but as a general rule, driving in the US requires an active and valid driver’s license. Rental cars are also only rented at regular rates for drivers 25 years old and above; anyone younger will have to pay more. Research about your destination of choice beforehand to avoid any problems.
  • Know the payment systems. Many car rental companies in the US do not allow rentals without working credit cards. Others allow cash but for a hefty deposit. The payments are usually on a daily basis, but some car rental companies offer long-term (monthly) rates. The guarantees/deposits might be bigger but the daily rates will be much lower than daily rates. Regarding penalties, each company has its own policy. Generally, however, there are penalties for returning too late, any small breaches in the rental contract you’ve signed for (i.e. not returning the car full tank when you agreed otherwise), and even returning too soon.
  • You don’t always need to buy insurance. Upgrades and insurance are always what sales agents commonly use to cash in more money from renting a car. To avoid being persuaded into paying for something that you may not at all need, read the fine print. The waivers and stipulations in the contract may already have protected you from costs in possible damages or losses.
  • Read the fine print, especially where vehicle damage or errors are concerned. Check on the company’s policies on breakdowns, damages, and other related things. The last thing you want is to pay extra for something you could totally have avoided had you read the fine print.
  • Make the most of online check-ins. Companies providing a rent a car, especially those that market widely on the internet, will likely have web check-ins. Renting a car and waiting for your car can take between 15 minutes to over an hour especially at peak seasons. Avoid the long lines and check in on the web! They don’t normally cost anything at all anyway!
  • Airport car rental USA companies are always more expensive. Their airport location adds premium to their prices so if you want to save up, and you have the time and guts to go out of your way – literally – to get a car, do so. There are tons of rental cars just outside of the airport at less than a quarter of the cost of an airport car. Also, make the most out of non-peak season rates!

And finally, never forget checking up on your car rental options via online customer reviews like the ones we offer at!

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